Air Filter

Mini-pleat air filter
Using the linear hot melt adhesive instead of conventional corrugated sheets as the separator, and adopt fine glass fiber or PTFE, PP and other composite as the filtration paper.
Deep-pleat air filter
Using aluminum foil or two-side offset paper as the separator, and adopt fine glass fiber as the filtration paper.
Panel, bag primary and medium efficiency air filter
Using primary and medium efficiency filter materials (non-woven fabrics usually) with the shape of panel or bag.

Folded Filter Cartridge

Air purification equipment means the air purification device that can remove the dust and particles of the air, and reach the high cleanliness of the local area. Its working principle is: powered by the centrifugal fan, with the air continuously circulating filtered via HEPA, to ensure that the outlet meet the desired cleanliness.
Main products
Class A Unidirectional Flow Hood, Class A Unidirectional Flow Transport Trolley, Open Restricted Access Barrier System, Negative Pressure Weighing Room, Active Pass Box, Fan-Filter Unit, Air Shower Room, Multifunction VHP Sterilizer, VHP Pass Box,Clean Workstations

Purification Equipment

Folded filter cartridge means the filter paper and its supporting layer folded as membrane, enclosed into the plastic inner and outer cylinder and finished with ontology fusion welding. Due to the folded shape, so it is called folded filter cartridge. It features large filtration area, big flux, high efficiency and small volume.
Products have been widely used in liquid purification such as water, oil, paint and solid-liquid separation such as machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electroplating, medicine, food and other industries.
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